Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just to be Fair

Since I ranted and raved like a lunatic yesterday about how awful these two very condensed classes are, and how that results in my lack of time for anything other than dreadful reading, I thought in fairness I should also mention a few other things.

1) my wireless internet quit on me. this shouldn't be a big deal, since I can easily sit at my desk, plug computer directly into the modem and happily surf the internet. I have a nice large desk, with pictures on it and a window to look out of while I ponder deep thoughts. BUT, I don't have a nice desk chair. In fact, I have one of my mother's hard-ass wooden kitchen chairs. As appealing as the internet is to me, I just can't stand to sit that long on this super-hard chair. I gave my husband a couple choices: a) get the damn wireless working so I can sit on the couch or 2) get me a nice big comfy chair with wheels that I can sit at the desk and spin around in. So far, I have neither.

2) I have been inundated with Christmas party requests. Now, I am not all saddened by this. I actually enjoy the fact that my childrens schools still refer to it as "Christmas Party" and "Christmas Break". As un-PC as that may be, when you live out in the boonies and your entire community lacks any indicia of diversity you can still call it what is for most of the kids. My problem is, I now have to find a $5 boy gift, a $5 girl gift, 48 stocking stuffers, a tub of white frosting, a bag of chocolate chips, and enough Christmas plates and napkins for 20 kindergartners. All by next week. Thank goodness we have a Dollar General nearby.

3) To go along with all the Christmas parties being held at schools, I also have the pleasure of attending every Christmas program known to man. It started with a luncheon at Child #5's preschool, then we moved on to a Christmas play presented by the second grade, Child #1 had a Choral concert in which the middle school visited the elementary schools and which I was expected to come watch. Cihld #1 then had extra practice for her band concert which is tonight. And next week I will be partying it up with a bunch of 5 year olds while making candy crafts.

4) Child #1 has been full of drama the last couple weeks. It started because she has a winter semi-formal dance this friday. Opposite sex dates are optional. I was strongly encouraging her to just go with her friends. She really wanted to have a "date" without having a date and would hope that her best guy friend would go with her. She mustered up the nerve to ask him, and he said no. The reason he said no is "because you are my best friend". She came home and in between sobbing and fist pounding manages to get out the conversation, promptly followed by a big "WTF does that mean?!?" I told her, in the most motherly way possible, that I was sure he just didn't feel comfortable going with you- his best friend- and that as boys get older they realize they can go to dances as "just friends". Its all about appearances honey. To add to the excitement, she also has auditions for Mid-State Band this Saturday. She is really stressed about the music and stuff, while I am looking forward to sitting in my folding chair and reading for 6 hours while surrounded by talented middle school musicians practicing their scales. Its looking like it will be a super fun saturday.

So..... while I would like to (and certainly will) blame my lack of free time on my school, I suppose I could admit half-heartedly that I have brought some of this upon myself. And I say that only because I realize that I am the one who brought these needy little ankle biters into this world. However, I will also in true Christmas spirit spread the blame around a little more because if the holidays weren't so hectic I would have a lot more time to read blogs. My wish from Santa... peace at home and goodwill to brothers and sisters.


Tova Darling said...

Oh my goodness! You poor thing! Sounds like you have a busy few weeks ahead of you. Good luck!

That damn expat said...

She asked him out? That's pretty frickin cool in my book.

Sabrae said...

well you have fun with all that! lol as for the comfy chair?? well be glad that you have a portable pc! lol we have a desk top and when we first got it i was sitting on the floor as the cable wouldn't reach to the couch! make him fix it! lol