Friday, December 12, 2008


I have two choices and one week in which to make a decision.

Our law school has about 800 students give or take. There are two terms: you can start on the traditional schedule of August to May, or you can do the other term which is February to November. For the second term, orientation for new students is the first week of February. The Dean of the School called me a couple weeks ago and said she needed a favor. Uh...sure...whatever you want. She wants me to speak at the orientation for incoming first years- do a 15 minute speech about what its like to be a student, then do a 15 minute Q&A afterwards. I was really honored that she chose me out of all the possibilities and gladly accepted.

Last week my husband told me that we could go to Ireland for a week. We would be going with my friend who works with him and her husband. This is the same guy I wrote about who is a total jerky. Besides the obvious problem of spending a long flight and then a week with them... we would also be going during the first week of February. Meaning... I would need to miss the orientation. I could call the Dean and explain the situation, and I'm sure she would understand. But do I really want to do that? Really?

What do you all think.... skip my shining glory moment at orientation to go to Ireland with husband, friend, and her jackass husband? Or claim I'm too busy?


Tova Darling said...

Oo, that's a tough one. It would be really awesome to go to Ireland, but it sounds like you really don't like that guy, so putting up with him might be a pain. Plus, you'd miss out on your speech! Just reading this, I feel like I'd pick Ireland, but that might be because A - I've never met the jerk you'd be going with, and B - public speaking is a bit scary to me.

And a big congratulations for being chosen to give the talk out of alllll of those students!!

Anonymous said...

well here's the thing... if you do go to ireland with husband and jackassy friend... would it really be any fun?

Sabrae said...

oh i'd go to ireland and push the jerky husband off a cliff... by accident of course! lol just kidding...but still...come one and weigh this one out... Ireland or oreinatation??? hmmm not a hard one for me!!! Ireland baby... hey you can go to orentation and I'll go to ireland in your place!!! i have some ancestors i want to look up anyway! lol

Eudea-Mamia said...

I hate public speaking, and my tolerance for jerks has gone WAY up since the father-in-law entered my life.

My vote, Ireland.

There's plenty of fantastic ale to pound down to look beyond the jerkage.

But I'm part gypsy, so take that into consideration.

Good luck! Em

That damn expat said...

Ireland definitely!
Because 10 years from now are you really going to look back and say "I told a bunch of first years what it's like to be a student"?

Mrs4444 said...

I say pick the speech. The benefit of that (networking, points with the Dean) far outweigh the "benefit" of spending time with the jerk. Besides, I'm told that Ireland is beautiful, but it gets old real fast (lots of the same).

Tenakim said...

I agree with Mrs 4444, but I guess it's a no lose situation- unless the jerky friend ruins the trip.

Leon Basin said...

Good points!

Twisted Lisa said...

uuuhhh, Ireland!

Okay, you are not going to believe this so I did a screen capture. I was leaving you a comment, "uuuuhhh Ireland HELLO. New students don't listen to stuff other students say"...and then Karma kicked me right in the ASS.

My word verification trolls are after me again!

Check it out!