Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is What I Love About Sundays

I left my house last night after dinner to go and study and spend the night at my mother-in-laws house and really get some quality work time in. It was productive, but after 24 hours of reviewing I was spent. I packed it up and started home. When I got home, I found this....

I love fires. They make you feel all warm inside, and are wonderful for reading and thinking. My dear husband not only watched the children while I studied... he made a fire.

I went in search of him to thank him and see about dinner. That is when I found this.

Our neighbor, who regularly hunts on our land, killed this buck this afternoon. Husband was outside helping Neighbor, and Child #4 was helping husband (see above). In exchange for hunting privileges, he shares the meat. You may not believe me, but deer meat in chili tastes the same as ground beef. So, while I sit here enjoying my fire and your new posts, Husband is outside helping clean the deer so we can save money and not buy so much meat at the grocery. What a trooper.


Lipstick said...

Awww, so sweet! I agree-your Hubby is a keeper!

I *love* deer meat...can't get enough deer chili. Have you ever eaten squirrel? That's good too.

Sabrae said...

Ahhhh yes deer meat!!! Well you get to share the deer meat... My BIL shoots the deers and gives us all of it! We currently have 40lbs of deer meat in our freezer along with 5 HUGE roasts and tons of deer steak and he just shot another one a couple days ago and now we are waiting on more roasts and deer steak and about 50lbs of deer dogs! Can you say we love deer meat?

Twisted Lisa said...

I haven't had deer since childhood when it freaked me out. I wish I had someone to share with me!

Don't think I could do squirrel though...

3 weeks til exams. I am so screwed. I spent HOURS on my writing assignment for the "evil one" and he just GLANCED at them as he was calling roll. Didn't take them up!

Have you read the McDonalds case? I used to think it was crazy til I read it. McDonalds served the coffee too hot, 185 degrees!

Over 700 people had been burned like Stella Liebeck and complained but McDonalds refused to turn the temp down.

The punitive damages were only 2 days worth of coffee sales to McDonalds.

The judge said called their conduct "reckless, callous and willful".

She only wanted her medical bills paid ($20,000) and McDonalds refused.

I think it belongs up there with the Ford Pinto case, and the only way to make huge corporations change their ways is through the punitive damages. Money is all they care about and if we put a cap on the amount they have to pay (reform) then there will no longer be a value to human life. Not that they give human life and suffering much value now as it is.