Saturday, November 8, 2008

Giving Lawyers a Bad Name

As a law student, I am sometimes amazed at the lawsuits that get filed. The one that always springs to mind is the one filed by the woman scalded by hot coffee at McDonalds. Really? You didn't think your coffee was going to be hot? You're right, I like my coffee lukewarm... just in case. Anyway, I came across this story this morning and once again realized why so many people hate lawyers.
Now don't get me wrong. I feel for people who have been injured, had their property injured, have crimes committed against them, had someone screw them over in a contract, you get the idea. But this guy? Not so much.

Jerry Glenn Hayes of Boise is suing the state of Idaho as well as Ada County for $3 million claiming it failed to educate him about the West Nile virus.

"Ada County and several other government state agencies have been named in a lawsuit filed by a gentleman who claims not enough was done to protect him during the 2006 West Nile virus outbreak," said Laura Wylde, public information specialist for Ada County.

Oh, where do you even start with this? Where is Mr. Hayes sense of personal responsibility? I realize that contracting West Nile is life-threatening, and it must really suck to have it. But he really wants to blame it on the state and county for lack of education?

And the lawyer... oh the lawyer. Please, please file something that makes the rest of us look like ambulance chasing scum of the earth. Can we set a worse precedent by filing suits for these people? Whats next? Suing the county over not warning you that remaining in the sun for hours will cause sunburns and potential skin cancer? Shall I sue the police department for failing to stop you for speeding because, had you only known, you would not have driven wrecklessly and crashed your car? The first rule of remedies is to restore the plaintiff to the position he would have been in, but for the wrong of the defendant. Hear that lawyers? But for the wrong. I realize that is a very broad statement, but we are (or will be) lawyers for goodness sakes. After 3 or 4 grueling years of law school do we lose all common sense?

The hearing on this case is scheduled for next week.


Vodka Mom said...

okay, so stupid people rule the world. i guess.

Braja said...

Wow, if he gets away with that, who will he sue for being an absolute dick? His parents?
Love your blog; found you through the Ruling Queen, Vodka Mom :) Return offender reporting for duty ma'am :) Swing by and see me if you feel the urge.