Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thank a Veteran

Today is Veterans Day, just in case you wondered why so many people didn't go to work today, or why you didn't go to work today. Originally called Armistice Day, it is now known as Veterans Day. A day to honor all veterans and armed service members for their sacrifices. For all the faults of the military, it has produced some wonderful soldiers who take protecting our country and freedoms very seriously.

Beyond just thanking all the former and current service men AND women out there, I want to give a special shout out to:

1) MY DADDY. My daddy signed up for the army during the Vietnam War. Daddy and his 2 best friends signed up together right out of high school. Now honestly, he did this because he had been less than studious in high school and couldn't afford college without the GI Bill, but still. He signed up, he served all over the world, he devoted years of his life to the army- heck, I was even born in a military hospital in Germany for pete's sake! So thanks Daddy, for your service.

2) MY BROTHER-IN-LAW. My brother in law also comes from a military family, his daddy and granddaddy all served in the army. He is currently deployed and will be returning early next year. Every time I hear a story about progress being made in the war, my heart just beams with pride for him. He has won many awards for his brave conduct, including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart for being combat wounded. He is one tough guy. Thanks, love and big kisses from all of us!

3) MY COUSIN. Who is also preparing to deploy again for the 3rd time. He joined the army right after getting his GED and has spent time all over the US, Korea, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Who would have thought some kid from IN could do so much traveling? The army has been a wonderful place for him and taught him lots of things- he is responsible, caring, kind, smart, and I am proud to be his cousin. Much love for you!

4) MY ANCESTORS. I have ancestors who fought in the Civil War, Revolutionary War, World Wars I and II, and all the little skirmishes in between. When my great-great granddaddy was 15 and working in the fields with his daddy they were approached about serving in the MI Infantry in the Civil War. He lied about his age and said he was 18 so he could go. They had one horse between them, and his daddy told him to take it and go into the Calvary because it would be safer for him. They both served in many battles. At the end of the war my great-great-granddaddy came back home to MI to take care of his mama and younger siblings. His daddy died from wounds received in battle at a camp in Arkansas. Until about 5 years ago, no one was even sure where he had been buried. My brother finally found him- at the National Veterans Cemetery in Little Rock, AR. He even made a road trip to visit the grave. I had tears just thinking that finally after 140 years someone in our family had found him to pay respects. He was buried alone, without family by his side. I imagine he is thankful he gave the horse to his son, because from that son he has many proud young men and women descendants who have also faithfully served our country. Thanks and love to each and every one of my ancestors- especially those who made the ultimate form of sacrifice.

I know that many people don't agree with the war, want the soldiers home, want this to be over... but please, know that those soldiers are doing a wonderful job and are proud of what they are doing. They are protecting our own soil and our children and families. If you see one... thank him or her.


Eudea-Mamia said...

My Dad also signed up for the GI Bill. It was his ticket out of a horrible home, and into a world that taught him respect, honor and pride.

He was a Green Beret from 1962-64. The stories, the stories - well, actually he only tells my brother and Dear Hubby the stories. He says they're not fit for ladies ears. See, respect, honor and pride.

I already gave him a call.

Great post.


P.S. do people really get today off?

Vodka Mom said...

I"m with you...
1. My dad- who was a captain in the navy, and was on a boat in the waters off Normandy receiving the wounded soldiers....he was also in Korea during the conflict, and later working in the Pentagon.
2. My brother in law, who was in the navy for 24 years.
3. To my friends from high school who felt that service to the country was the noblest thing to do.

I salute them all. (great post)