Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Fragments

It is Friday, right? Yes, I think so. And good thing since I can't form coherent thoughts yet.

Kids.... have spent the night with grandmothers the past 2 nights. It is so nice to wake up in the morning without someone wedging me out of my own bed, not to have to hear Playstation Justice League at full volume at 5:30am, not to have to find milk and cereal spilled all over the kitchen. I even get to watch the news while having my coffee, instead of cartoons.

Thanksgiving... was good. We all went to my mother-in-laws. I am thankful she is wonderful. WE had a good dinner, the kids played outside, upstairs, downstairs. Even our dog went and had a good time. As a side note, I forgot to medicate my ADHD child #4 so he was balls to the wall full force all day long. I am thankful he didn't get hurt.

Barry Manilow.... is on my tv? Barry is the featured singer this morning on the Today Show. For whatever reason I think this is really funny, maybe because he is singing 80's hits- Islands in the Stream...that is what we are.... Usually they have some hip singer... Barry? I think I have an 8-track of his.

School.... a new class has started. Actually 2 classes. So far Federal Courts is a LOT of reading. There is also a weekly quiz. And I haven't even read for Environmental Law yet...

Sayings.... I heard a good one this week about politics. "If good people don't get involved, bad people will". True that. Sign me up.

Child #1... is going on a cruise to South America with her grandmother for Christmas. They aren't going until early January, but that is her Christmas gift. She also needs a fancy dress for a school dance. The school dance also requires her to have a date. She is considering going with her best guy friend, and I am totally good with that. But not good with the dance idea... she is getting big. I am not old enough to have a child going to high school next year.

Home.... I have the house to myself for the majority of the day. Husband is at work today and will be picking up children on his way home this afternoon. He won't work a full day, but that still gives me nearly a whole day home alone. This is a rare treat. While I would love to read blogs and play all day, I have work to do. Cleaning before Christmas decorations go up, and reading and quizzes to be done.

Thankful.... I am thankful for all of you who are reading this. I really never expected anyone to read any of this, it was mostly for my own sanity. But I have been pleasantly surprised and I enjoy your comments, suggestions, and stories. Thank you all for being here.


Mrs4444 said...

Wow. I'm impressed; law school AND a family. You are going to be an amazing lawyer if you can pull THAT off! :) BTW, I have an 8th grade daughter, too, and she'll be leaving me (a teacher) at the middle school next year :( If you think of it, come back to my blog tomorrow, as I have a post that features Kendall and a mother-daughter bonding moment that almost made me wet my pants! Enjoy your alone time!

Vodka Mom said...

When I saw Barry on the Today show this morning I thought he SUCKED. Am I going to hell??

Father Muskrat said...

I'm so proud of you for saying "roll tide" on Lisa's blog. Yee-haw.

Braja said...

See, this is the thing about living in a village in India. I miss out on reliving my childhood through Barry Manilow appearances. Crap.