Monday, December 1, 2008

I Need Help....

No, get your mind out of the gutter... not that kind of help. My prozac is working quite nicely, thanks. Well, honestly, I'm not taking prozac anymore, but thats beside the point.

What I really need help with is Christmas. Specifically.... for my husband. What do I get him? Here is how the conversation went:

Me: How much are we spending on each other for Christmas?
Him: Hhhmmmm.... $300?
Me: Okay, what would you like?
Him: Nothing. You know if I want something I usually just get it.
Me: So, can you explain how I am supposed to spend $300 on 'nothing'?
Him: Unlike you, I don't require presents... just don't worry about it.

WTF?!?! So, I am supposed to spend $300, but have no idea on what. I realize you all don't really know my husband, but I need help. I'm taking all ideas on what to get him.

In exchange, here are the lists that 3 of my kids made for me, in case you need some kid ideas: Child #4 is a 5 year old boy, and children #2 & #3 are twin girls that will be 8 tomorrow!!!

Here is exactly what they wrote (spelling & grammer included)....

Child #2: My name is 'Child #2' and I want a Baby Alive, Nintendo DS, a scooter, TV in my room a miny bratz tv, and a fur real friends and can it be a horse. I want a desk and some candy and a little fluffy chair and a blanket and a matching pillow, and a pet dog and can it be a puppy. I want a webkinz, a selphon, radiow, and some bratz tene shoes, and some cookies.

Child #3: Dear Santa, I want a webkinz and a guitar and a big lollipop and a fur real friend horse and a celphone and a Nintendo D.S. and a T.V. in my room and a Wii and a radio and a slide for my bunkbed and a P.S.P. and a necklace and a ring and a yo-yo and a jingle bell to see if I beleive in christmas and a baby alove with the toilet like on the T.V. From: 'Child #3'

Child #4: Hi my name is 'Child #4' and I want a bike and a DS, a celphone raidow and a monkey, but not a real one, and a pensel box and some new race car shoes, and some candy.


Eudea-Mamia said...


Webkinz are big here as well. For the 5-year-old that is. I hate the darn things, since we have to share a computer. More Webkinz means less blogging time for me - oops, look what just fell out of Santa's sleigh.

Bad Mama. Nothing but coal for me.

For hubby - wow - that one I struggle with every year.

A big hit from a couple of years ago: a really nice electric wet/drive shaver for the shower. He loves the damn thing.

This year he asked for a nice casual watch for weekend wear.

Hope that helps!!

Tova Darling said...

Haha! I love these!

'A jingle bell to see if I believe in Christmas'?? Explanation, please.

Also, my husband is every bit as difficult to buy for as yours, so I have no advice but lots of empathy.

Legal Diva said...

Aahhh.... You need to watch the Polar Express.

There is a bell from Santa's sleigh, and you can only hear it ring if you still believe in Santa. :)

Tenakim said...

my two middle kids want a ds too- maybe we could get a bulk rate?
I got my husband an MP3 player loaded with all of his favorites- songs/tv shows. He wants a blue ray, but too bad!

Mrs4444 said...

GPS? Fishing gear? Playboy subscription (JK)? Pancake Griddle (that's one thing Mr.4444 is getting)? Car wash coupons? Nice sunglasses?

King of New York Hacks said...

Depends...they always come in handy.

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Trust me trying to pick something for the man is proving the same issues, "What do you want" "i dont know" Thankyou for that wealth of helpfulness.
I think the only thing I know he wants for sure is the projector home theatre system we've been pondering but thats just way too much cash for this christmas all by myself.
Why are girls so much easier to buy for than men?

Lipstick said...

LOL...this post is so funny! I am NO help-I have no idea what to get Mr. Lipstick. Do you know? (just kidding) :)