Monday, October 20, 2008

Vacation can be Dangerous...

Well, we finally made it home last night around 5:30p.m. I am glad to be home and not, all at the same time. I am glad because now I feel like I can get back to my life, my routine, my 'things I need to do'. I am not glad because I miss the sunshine and sand, I have about 15 loads of laundry to do, and I am about 2 weeks out from final exams. But, overall, I am glad to be home again. I didn't lose my mind, or even any children (thanks for the reminder

I had a whole long post about how spoiled some kids are and how not spoiled my kids are. About how I think sheltering kids will only lead to worse behavior later on. That I swear in front of my kids from time to time, and I certainly can't hide my smart ass attitude from them forever. They know I am a real person and real people are not always nice. On how my kids are not getting a raw deal because there are 'so many' of them and they have to share things, including my husband and I. That my kids know life isn't always fair. But I started looking at some of the pictures from our trip to show you that despite the fact that my kids do not have June Cleaver for a mother they are still happy, and I realized that you can probably tell a lot from the pictures I took.

We left my 12 year old at the campground one day because she didn't want to experience the magic that is Magic Kingdom a second time in the same trip. So some of our pictures only have 4 kids. The reality is though, some of them only had 4 kids even when she was with us (a little too good to have the picture made with Jasmine and Aladdin).

I let my kids play at, around, and in the ocean without life jackets or floaties. I was not even hovering inches away in case of some freak undertow. I took this picture with the furthest zoom I had because I was busy sitting in my chair drinking a beer and watching the kids enjoy the sun and sand.

There were jellyfish in the water. I even let my kids hunt and catch jellyfish with a net and bring them ashore for photo-ops.

And those are just a couple of the things that probably make all those scrapbooking, cupcake baking, politically correct, minivan driving, soccer (or hockey) watching, Martha Stewart moms out there gasp. There are more stories...plenty more... I just don't want to give it all away on my first day really back! So, before you call DCS and report neglected children because I actually refer to them as 'slave labor' while they are doing their chores around the house and not being paid for them.... here is a picture to prove that they are actually happy, well-adjusted little people....


Twisted Lisa said...

As hard as I try and you try too, with 2 kids or 10, it can't always be exactly the same for every child. There just has to be a balance and looks like you have it! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

Sabrae said...

LOL YOU CRACK ME UP!!!! While the water looked beautiful I still wouldn't go in!!! I'd be doing the same thing you were... sitting my ass on the beach in a chair with a beer!!!

Joy said...

Oh yea what is the beach with out a good drink, my favorite happens to be a Mojito:)

and trust me I take no offence to the scrapbook mom reference because trust me I an not "one" of those moms.

My hubs and I were just talking about this the other night about the whole sheltering your kids. I believe it just is asking for trouble because once they are out in the real world they will freak out. They need to know what is wrong and they need to be able to determine that for themselves.

Glad you guys had a fun trip to disney I think we are gonna go in 2yrs, when Abby is a little more bigger and can really have fun there.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Looks like FUN! I hope you bought one of those jeanie outfits to wear at home!

That's how childhood SHOULD be!