Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just One More Day

Here is a brief rundown of the Disney highlights thus far...

We went to Magic Kingdom on Sunday. We got there around 9am. The kids loved Space Mountain. My 5 year old and I nearly got sick on the teacup ride. My 12 year old passed out (Yep you read it right) at a drinking fountain just outside the boat ride. I've never been to a first aid station in a theme park before but they are pretty pimpin- air conditioned, nice dark place to rest- I highly recommend it if you just need a nap while out theme parkin it. Seriously though, she is fine. We think she was just a little dehydrated and it was freakin hot out. We stayed for the light parade at night, but skipped the fireworks.

Monday we went to Epcot. My kids think the countries of the world section is b-o-r-i-n-g. They wanted to know where all the rides were. They liked the Fast Track there, where your car goes 60mph, but otherwise were unimpressed with the rides. I was excited they were having a wine festival, but how festive can it be when every glass (i.e. 4 ounce plastice cup) is $6.00? Not so festive. We had dinner with my grandparents who live nearby, then watched the fireworks. Grandparents paid for dinner- no small feat at any disney park- so a shout out to the grandparents! ;)

Today we went to Hollywood studios. The kids were all about the Tower of Terror, but they didn't get the Twilight Zone references. I really liked the Rock n Roller Coaster- an indoor deal sort of like Space Mountain, but faster, with black lights and neon, and with an Aerosmith theme. It played Aerosmith music, which I think made the ride. I actually saw them in concert once, and had backstage tickets to meet the band thanks to an old boyfriend. Steven Tyler is really short, but I've loved Aerosmith even more since that concert.

Tomorrow we are going back to the Magic Kingdom. The kids voted that their favorite park, and no one wanted to go to Animal Kingdom. My kids aren't into animal shows (or any shows) - they want rides. Big rides. Fast rides. Scary rides. Thrill rides. So, one more day of theme park madness and we will be done. Then on to Destin, or more acurately Santa Rosa Beach, for some wedding partying. Then on Sunday I will be clicking my heels 3 times while wearing my red sparkle shoes hoping to magically transport home so I don't have to ride in the car another 10-12 hours with the little people.....


Tenakim said...

I am leaving for the Gulf Coast on Sunday- with better timing we could have met up and enjoyed and bitched together!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Ah, Santa Rosa Beach! Lucky duck. My parents live in Gratyon.

It takes all the self control I can muster on certain days to not just throw a duffle in the SUV and make the 12-hour jaunt all by myself.

Hope the wedding was fun, and the car ride was uneventful.