Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dude!!!! I'm done! All done!!!

Well, not really. Just done with second year. I mean, our classes are done for the year, but we still have final exams to go back and take. And I probably should back up and tell you that we are on this weird school year schedule. Instead of the traditional Aug to May schedule, we have a Feb to Oct schedule with a "summer break" for 2 weeks thrown in there around June. Then our finals are the first 2 weeks of November (which you may recall from my post on taking a final on election night). At any rate, then we can take electives over the "winter term" which is from the end of Nov to the end of Jan with a nice break in there for Christmas.
So..... last night was my last night of real class!!! Its finally over! For now. Until finals. And then winter term. But don't get me down on that right now- I feel free!
This is really good news because I'd like to enjoy my kids fall break with them during our little trip to Disney to hang out with that huge rat (I know he says he's a mouse, but I think its a coverup). Sadly, I can't bring myself to leave all my study materials at home- I think I'd have withdrawals if I didn't have my books with me for 10 days, maybe even DT's and stuff, the whole nine yards- so I am taking stuff with me to get started on my review for exams. Sick, deranged, yes I know. But I've been attached to some legal book for the last 2 years, now its just a really bad habit.
Speaking of bad habits, a very 'organic' friend of mine was trying to convince me that my health was in danger. I drink too much diet coke and coffee she said. I smoke too much. On and on and on. The whole time I'm thinking- for the love of baby jesus, i'm in law school!!! But anyway, I let her go on for a while and then I finally just said- "well if its going to kill me anyway, I may as well go back to drinking vodka and smoking crack" (disclaimer, I do like some vodka, but I have never smoked crack). The look on her face was priceless. It was the look of horror- horror because she was pretty sure I was kidding, but then again, she wasn't really sure. It was hilarious. I really enjoy doing that to people. I have no filter sometimes. I really don't.
So anyway, just in case you are interested (and Twisted Lisa will totally get me on this one)- my finals are going to be in Evidence, Property, Remedies, and Civil Procedure.
Over the winter break I will be taking: Federal Courts (because eventually I will argue for the Supreme Court), and Environmental Law (no I am not a tree hugger, we just didn't have a huge selection)
Then in February I pick back up with a whole bunch of fun. Not every class is the whole year, but it would be a mess to try and explain exactly when I have what, but suffice to say from Feb to October, at some point, I will learn about the following: Moot Court Trial, Juvenile Practice & Procedure, Advanced Legal Writing, Ethics, TN Constitution, Wills & Estates, Estate Planning, Business Associations, Immigration Law.

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Tami said...

Good luck on your exams!

I am so interested to hear about your classes :)

And I would have loved to see your friend's face when you said that to her - LOL!

I have an "organic" story, too! Hubby's new work colleagues' wives.....We were at a cookout, they all brought organic food (YUCK), all have young children who eat everything organic, no was the constant talk. Until later, when the 3 of them were discussing their breast implants. Ironic, no?? I don't eat sugar but please shove a foreign body in me so I can look good! Hypocrites!