Thursday, October 9, 2008

Analytics? What?!?!

So, now that I am really getting into this blogging thing, and because I am horribly nosey, and because I really don't think anyone reads this crap, I am interested in these tracking thingies. One that has been mentioned more than once by more than one person is Google Analytics. So, I googled google analytics. It tells me to sign in, has me check the box about agreeing to their agreement, then provides me a code and tells me to put it in my layout, just before 'body' or some such thing.
I swear I have spent 30 minutes screwing with this and I still can't find body. In fact, I finally found template. I know, I am so un-computer-savvy. I see where this thing is supposed to go (I think). I just don't know where in there it goes.
And its only 2:45. My child (aka computer genius) doesn't get off the bus until 3:45. I have to wait a whole hour for her to come and help dear (old) mama figure out how to fix this junk and make it work. That is my mission for her- make it happen. Its a sad day when you are a grown person waiting on an 12 year old to fix your blog for you. And here I was thinking I was pretty freakin cool and all. *sigh*


Twisted Lisa said...

I tagged you! You're it!

Tenakim said...

GA can be a blessing, but it can make you crazy, too. Like a hot "bad boy" boyfriend- good luck- I was ridiculously clueless when I started this back in April. I now know how to link things- so I've made progress- it really is a different world!