Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday: Wordless, Wordful, but not Wonderful

I have a lot of really insightful thoughts I planned to share with you after our country elected Barack Obama as our new President. Unfortunately, that will have to wait until tomorrow. My final exam last night went pretty well, but that was the easy one. Tonight- the dreaded evidence. Rules within rules and hearsay within hearsay... the whole exam is 4 hours long. In honor of that, I leave you with this


Twisted Lisa said...

Good luck. My professor, the Evil One, found out he went to Harvard Law. I painstakingly went over my writing assignment, printed it with pen and a hand that never writes anymore. 4 PAGES LONG.

He calls roll as he walks around the room GLANCING to see if you had it.

They weren't graded.


Island Girl said...

Guh, evidence - there are no words!

I'm sending you positive vibes! Good luck!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Everything you just said went way over my Journalism Degreed head, but good luck!!

Let me know if you need help with that whole libel/slander thing.


Tova Darling said...

Ah, the "Final Exams" poster reminds me why I decided not to go to grad school. :) Good luck!!