Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It amazes me how many people don't vote. Or only vote in presidential elections. Then those same people want to complain about how the 'government' did or didn't do something. Really? If you don't like it, maybe you should have educated yourself about the issues and voted?

Several things have come to mind about voting this year:

1) dead people really can vote. No? You don't think so? Well, when you early vote, then you die before the election, your vote still counts. Moral of the story.... if you are on your deathbed, vote absentee or vote early.

2) no matter what people tell you, they will still vote based on race. and it goes both ways. white people will NOT vote for Obama because he is black, and black people WILL vote for Obama because he is black. in my opinion, thats racism either way. don't vote race, vote issues.

3) the electoral collage is still a good system. how can that be? well, usually the popular vote and electoral college results will mesh pretty well. however, if we were only concerned with popular vote, what would stop the candidates from pushing hard in densely populated areas like NYC, LA, Miami and ignoring the voters in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, etc? We certainly don't want the entire country to be ruled by the big cities.

I look forward to this years election results. I am hoping for the best. Hoping that people realize how important this is and get out and vote after actually considering the issues facing our country. There are so many things to consider, much more than the generic terms of environment, war, economy, healthcare.... everything is interrelated. The backlash of policies enacted 10 years ago are just starting to rear their ugly heads. Think it through, be smart, and then Vote.

I've enjoyed this little saying I heard a few years back from a black pastor in Chicago, truer words were never spoken...
"The more you have to conserve, the more conservative you become."

Also, while you are at it, send me some good vibes, well wishes, prayers, whatever it is you do, that everything goes well for me tonight when I take the first of my final exams.


Mike Marshall said...

Good Luck on your exams. I voted.
Peace, Mike.

Tami said...

I voted :)

Good Luck with your exams, I'm sure you'll kick bootie!

Sabrae said...

My mom thinks the same way "you dont vote then dont you complain"