Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Final Final Exam

This post is written in the most PC way possible. I mean absolutely no disrespect to either my beloved institute of higher learning, nor the knowledgeable professor to whom this refers. All incidents were a result of an act of God by which none can or will be held responsible.

Last Wednesday our exam was postponed because our dear professor could not access it from his work computer due to a power outage. The power outage was caused by our local power company in response to a gas leak in the downtown area. Power was cut off the entire day from a 10 block radius in the center of downtown so as not to spark some explosion. He did not feel it would be possible for him to bring his work computer to a location with power in order to print out the exam. When he realized at 10am that he would not be able to administer the exam, he did not feel he could do us justice by just writing a new exam in the following 8 hours so that we could have taken it anyway. Last week I was so frustrated I could not post about it, because it would not have been very PC. It would have been this...
and our professor would have understood it completely and perhaps been proud that I had used it in an appropriate context. (for you other law-geeks out there, you now know the topic of my exam)

So.... It was rescheduled for this evening. I will not be as prepared as I was last week. I do not have anyone to watch child #5 for me today so I can go to the school early and immerse myself in review. I believe my grade will suffer. Last week many of us called the school to express our dissatisfaction with this situation. Many of my classmates had travel plans, plane tickets, or had taken a day off work to prepare themselves like good accountable students would. We can not do that again this week. Many requests were made for a take-home style exam. No messages were returned. The exam will proceed as scheduled. This is the last exam of my round of final exams. I will overcome.


Twisted Lisa said...

good luck, I'm sure you will do fine. Besides the word verification for this comment is

bransci...the trolls just can't spell Brainsci!

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

That is totally rough!
Law is a fantastic career choice though, enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Seriously... that's rather crappy of him... all that work and he just said "ah you can wait..."


(was that enough indignation for you?)

btw... "vemsh" is my word... is that Yiddish for something?

Victoria Von Swarovski said...

Aww thankyou lady.
It will likely be sorted out today.

Vodka Mom said...

Did I ever tell you I went to law school for two years? I quit after my mom died suddenly, and I realized I didn't want to listen to people's shitty problems all my life. HOWEVER, i was young and stupid.
I feel your pain. Why are some brainiac people inconsiderate? I wonder.

Twisted Lisa said...

OMG, that exam was just NOT RIGHT! I don't know that I have ever had one last that long!

and I bought a printer, scanner, copier from Target for $40. we have about 5 crippled ones and an extra scanner. That's a total of 6 things gotten rid of!

Sabrae said...

Good luck! lol I would have seen it as a blessing and studied some more! lol