Friday, October 3, 2008

Was it Really a Debate?

Well, I suppose so. But I think it was mostly a test of Sarah Palin. To see if she was everything that the Republican party said she was, and everything the Democratic Party said she wasn't.

So, because I really enjoy polictics, and I really enjoy bantering, I got myself a bowl of peanut butter fudge ice cream, a cup of tea, and sat down to enjoy the show.

Overall I think she did pretty well. She had intelligent answers, and the more comfortable she became the better her answers became. Some of the things I enjoyed:
1. At one point, she caught Biden in a misstatement. He answered a question, and she corrected him in a very Mom way- sort of the way I would when I know my kids are not giving me the whole story.
2. She gave a shout out to a bunch of 3rd graders- how many VP's have you ever known to give a "shout out"? Impressive.
3. She used plain language instead of senate-speak. I think this will go a long way with the average person. Technical answers in everyday words- something we all wish doctors could do more often. And sometimes attorneys.

And just to be fair to Biden, I really enjoyed an answer of his in which he said, "fun-damental". Go Biden- put the "fun" back in fundamental. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean it like that, but the emphasis he used made me laugh anyway.
One thing Biden said that didn't make sense- his party is against a troop surge. But then again, his party wants more troops in Iraq. Wait a minute.... isn't a surge the same thing as more troops? Is "more" less than "surge" like "a couple" is less than "a few"? Isn't it really the same difference? *sigh*..... politi-speak.

Next week is the big presidential debate here in Nashville. My mother in law lives about a mile down from the Curb Event Center. I wanted to go to her house and walk around and see the action- the news crews, the security, the demonstrators and protestors. Unfortunately I will be sitting in class that evening.

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