Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Mother Is...

Mine. According to the book at least. Unfortunately, My Mother is.... Crazy. And Crabby. She also lives next door. She also happens to work in the same industry as my husband, at a company partially owned by my husband. Therein lies the "drama of the day" with my mother.
Business has slowed down. The economy sucks and we work in real estate. People can't get loans to buy houses, so we are slower than usual for this time of year.
The majority owner of the company my mother works for had a meeting with the 3 other owners this afternoon (one of which was my minority owner husband). To make a long story short, they decided that if business doesn't pick up, my mom is the first to go. Mind you, the ONLY employees are the owner (an attorney), my mother, and one other girl who happens to also be a paralegal. They basically said by December 1, you may not have a job. This put my mother into drama stage. She has a part time job somewhere else, so its not like she would be unemployed. And she lives next door, has no mortgage, no car payment, and no bills. She could make it on her part time employment if she watched what she spent.
But, the big reason she is first to go is: she is a sourpuss. And if you try to tell her that, well, her feelings get hurt. So she asks me the questions that she really doesn't want the answers to. That is it in a nutshell. More on this later. Kids are nearly home from school.

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