Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oldest Child and Why We Love Books

Oldest child, nearly 13, has loved books since she was 2 feet tall. Maybe even smaller than that. I've always had a lot of books, and I guess I passed that trait on. She taught herself to read at age 3, and by Kindergarten read at a 4th grade level. She hit 12th grade level in 5th grade, and is now in 8th grade and perusing my law school books. She has several bookcases that are overflowing and can't bear to throw out a book, even when its falling apart and pages are missing. She reads and rereads her favorites, and has read such masterpieces as Fahrenheit 451, Schindler's List, all the Harry Potter's, Lemony Snicket's, Eragon, pretty much any series... and even came home once with Gone with the Wind after her school librarian got sick of her reading short books and coming back every single day to the library to get a new book.

This love of books means at least 4 things: 1) she has a great vocabulary, 2) she is a great speller, 3) she doesn't always know how to pronounce the words, and 4) she sometimes gets difficult words meanings mixed up

Which leads to some really funny conversations.

Oldest: I wish 'insert sibling name' had some common courtesy (pronounced like core-te-sy and reminiscent of a southerner with an english accent)

Oldest: what exactly can they give a person to treat pschitzophrenia? (pronounced like shits-o-frenia)
Answer: maybe some pepto?

and then sometimes those similar medical terms get all mixed up in translation....

(while talking about people dying on the Mission Space ride at Epcot)
Oldest: i guess they had a hemmeroid...
Husband: people don't die from hemmeroids- they are painful, but I don't think they've ever killed anyone.
Oldest: isn't that when you have bleeding in your brain?
Husband: not unless you are a politician

and a recent favorite, where she turned a little passive agressive....

Oldest: I told this kid in my class who said he'd vote for Obama that he was mispronouncing it
Me: How did you tell him its pronounced?
Oldest: O-bama, as in Go Bama, Roll Tide
Me: What did he say?
Oldest: (laughing) Now he says he wants Gobama to be elected

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