Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Fragments

In Honor of Tena over at My Therapy (more on her later), I stole (temporarily) her Friday Fragments headline because that is the story of my life today.

First off, let me say that whoever left the 3 adorable puppies at my house last night while I was out schmoozing at a presale kickoff party for a new condo development can come back and pick up those adorable little things. They are cute, I have fed them, but they will be taken to the animal shelter today. I have a dog already, and like her owner, she is old, tired, and doesn't want to deal with a puppy. I was terribly tempted to keep the cream colored one... but who am I kidding? I don't have time for house-training. I reread Sabrae's blog just to remind myself why I don't need a puppy. Thanks Sabrae for that smack upside the head.
UPDATE: I'm adding a picture. If you live near Nashville and want one, I might bring it to you. Limited time offer only.... or off to the pound they go.

Second, everyone was pleased with their costumes. All costumes fit with no additional work from me. That was awesome because working on that crap at 6a.m. would have given me a mental breakdown. Husband saw his costume, and while he doesn't want to show it, he is pretty pumped about his Elvis jumpsuit. I am still contemplating Priscilla's outfit. As a side note on the hair (and because none of you really know what I look like), I will mention that my hair is long, brown, really thick, and curly- I could just wake up in the morning and probably have something similar to the beehive I need, so I have been assured by numerous friends that fixing my hair will NOT be a problem. I'll take that as a compliment. I guess.

Third, I can hear those puppies outside whining. I will NOT feel sorry for them. I will NOT try to love them or keep them. Someone come get these damn things!!! (Really, you know you want one....)

Fourth, I have ladybugs on my ceiling. Specifically, on the ceiling in my boys bedroom. Which means the boys won't sleep in there because the bugs make noise and they are 'scary'. So, I am going to vaccum those little suckers off the ceiling with my Dyson and then figure out how they got in and seal off the access point. If you want to know more about ladybugs, Tena posted a lovely story with photos about it because it seems she is having the same problem.

Fifth, I was Boo'ed by Tena- remember her from somewhere up above? Well, she boo'ed me. Which doesn't mean I get any candy, or really anything tangible that I could enjoy. But I do get this awesome Halloween picture. I meant to get this little spot for Boo'ed up higher in my list, but I got sidetracked. At any rate, I hope I did her proud, cause after all she did get 5, count em, 5 linky loves from me! Take that! I am supposed to Boo'ed others, but because I have some random puppies and some ladybugs to vacuum, I will just Boo everyone who reads this. Ha!

Lastly, later today I will be slaving my children out to gather candy for me while I drink beer and/or wine, or wine coolers, or maybe just some vodka... I will follow them and encourage them to continue after they trip and fall in the dark, because we don't raise sissies and mama needs more candy! Seriously though, we are going to visit with Mr. & Mrs. Lipstick over at Lipstick at the Mailbox. Mr. Lipstick is conducting a tractor hayride with Mrs. Lipstick's tractor she loves. My oldest child is too good to go with us, so she is spending the night with a friend. Husband and I are not wearing our costumes because we are too lazy (give me a break, we have 5 kids and a party tomorrow).



Tenakim said...

I love it- I am so glad that I'm not the only one dealing with those deceiving little creatures!

Good move on the puppies- I still have one and he drives me nuts!

Congrats on the affirmation of the costumes- never would have worked for me, your kids are , clearly, more agreeable!

Enjoy the booze tonight!

Eudea-Mamia said...

Thanks you guys for ruining the one last bug I liked!!

Just think how awesome your garden will look come Spring - but then they would have to be outside wouldn't they?


Happy Halloween!


Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Came over from Deb's Dirty Socks & Pizza. Fun site. Love the doggies pics. We have a lab--used to have two--and they would always snuggle like this.

Happy Halloween!

Sabrae said...

LOL! I am glad that my blog can be of some insight as to the puppies! It is a pain in the butt! Espically since the puppy is supposed to be the wifes and I let her have him because I have two mini pinschers and they were potty trained when we got them (thank goodness) But I am such a sucker for the wife and her cute little face that I just couldn't tell her no! lol So when she is at work like today for 12 hours I don't get a thing done becuz if I am not cleaning up after the dang thing I'm keeping him from chewing everything in sight or running him outside in the nick of time :)

Vodka Mom said...

okay. you had me at vodka.

Twisted Lisa said...

Goodness, I can't imagine another mouth to feed during exams! I have about 4 weeks left before mine.

I am drowning. I have a writing assignment due monday for the 'evil one' and I haven't even started.

At least all the decorations are in the garage, who knows when I will get them put away...Christmas?

Twisted Lisa said...

Oh yeah, did I mention that the writing assignment has to be 'written'? Like with our hand? PRINTED and double spaced???? What are we like in the 3rd grade?

Barrie said...

I didn't realize ladybugs made noise!