Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Fragments

- Child #5 woke up this morning and said he felt sick. Then he ate two chocolate covered donuts. I thought all was well. Then he puked them up on the couch. Thankfully its leather.

- I have one more class before Christmas break. Then I have 3 classes after break, then exams. I really want to get all my reading done for all the rest of the classes over the holidays. Then I can study for exams. I know, its ambitious, but I'm going to try.

- I signed up to take Immigration Law and the instructor quit. They have a new instructor, but she can't teach at that time. The class is cancelled/put on hold. Damn.

- My 12 year old wants some of those fancy furry boots. I think I may look at TJ Maxx because I don't know where a Payless is and Target didn't have any.

- My 22 year old brother bought his girlfriend (who I just love) an engagement ring and trusted me enough to help him pick it out. He isn't going to give it to her until this summer (for a lot of weird reasons), so he has also trusted me to keep it in my safe until he is ready. Right after he paid for it, he looked at me and said "Shit, now I really have to do this" and then laughed nervously. Its funny to see him being grown-up.

- I'm being overwhelmed with crafts from kids. I did get a really cute ornament though- in case any of you are crafty.... You take a plain colored Christmas ball, drizzle some glue on the top part the toss on some white confetti paper or sparkles, then glue an ice cream cone on the bottom. It makes an adorable little ice cream cone ornament.

- The high today is 66. I love it. I wish it never got colder than this. Ever.

- It has been foggy here for the last several days. I live out in the middle of nowhere and the fog + winding + curvy roads = a mess. It has taken me forever to get anywhere. Especially at night.

- My mother in law got me this thing called "elf on the shelf". Its an elf that watches and reports back to santa. You move him around each night and the kids have to find him. Its like a real life Wheres Waldo game. Kinda. For all you Christmas-y folks out there, you'd probably love it.

- I figured out the perfect gift for my husband. I am getting his garage doors fixed on his workshop. I know it sounds weird, but he has been complaining about them for so long I figured it was worth it. I exceeded the spending limit, but its something we would have had to do anyway. And since he kept saying he was going to do it, I figure this will save him at least a day of messing with something he doesn't want to do.


Melissa B. said...

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Vodka Mom said...

66??? damn you.

Anonymous said...

I have a section in my blog today about crafts...

as for ornaments... Take some plain glass balls and take the top off of them... then get some red, green and white (or whatever color you want) craft paint and drip it inside the ball... makes the COOOOOLest looking designs...

Tenakim said...

I have a sick kid, too- at leaste they should be well by Christmas-HOPEFULLY!!!

kel said...

The elf on the shelf is so creepy!!! I don't know.. something about elves creep me out.

Mrs4444 said...

wow. Barf on the couch first thing in the morning; not fun! How sweet of your brother; that's amazing that he can wait that long! (a little bit scared, I suppose :) Sweet.

Good luck with those classes!!

Femin Susan said...

Congratulations....Your posting is very interesting...Keep writing..
Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Unknown said...

kids are getting sick all over blog land! man! poor kid :( Oh your bro is getting engaged!!! woo hooo

Twisted Lisa said...

ahhh that's tough, I'm glad mine are old enough to make it to the bathroom.

My exams are over, waiting for grades. I have a nice little break from work (til 1/5) and School (til 1/12)

Gonna take it easy for a few days.

Ash said...

Ohh - I so wish you were my husband! Then I could send you the $239 bill I received on Saturday from the emergency garage door repairman.

One of our rollers got "stuck" - half the door fell off. Luckily without a child or car underneath.

You're a very good wife!!!

And your brother is adorable, even if his political points of view are wack ;-).

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