Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Admit... I'm a Dork

I am still really busy studying, I have added some other topics to review schedule. I haven't even had time to go back and find funny stories about my other 2 children- but not to worry they will come soon.

But, have you ever noticed that hearsay is just a hair off from heresy? There must be a reason.

Also, I discovered the following - law professors blogs
They have blogs for nearly every area of practice: criminal, evidence, trusts, torts, contracts, family law, immigration, civil procedure, environmental....
I spent a while just reading through the blogs, signing up for updates on ones that I thought were interesting, classes I have upcoming, and even reading past commentary on topics I am getting ready to take exams in. All of these blogs are written by law professors across the country. The evidence one is particularly interesting. I know not many of you are legal students, or even care about legal stuff, but if you do these are definitely worth checking out.

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