Monday, September 29, 2008

If I were a Reasonable Person

....I wouldn't be in law school. So goes the joke. But then I've never been accused of being reasonable anyway. Lately I have been a little disturbed about a comment made by a classmate in the course of a conversation- that I am an ass-kisser. I've never been accused of that either. Quite the opposite usually, I tend to rebel against authority. So I asked the obvious question- exactly whose ass do you think I've been kissing? He said he didn't know where to start but he could think of a few profs off the top of his head. Which was funny since we've only had 8 thus far, 4 each year. Now, contrary to what I would want people to believe, I can be nice. Actually kind. Even thoughtful. Obviously, this particular classmate sees that as ass-kissing. So be it. He couldn't give me one example of something I had actually done. And I should have let it go after that. For some reason though- I just can't get past it. What constitutes ass-kissing? Is kindness ass-kissing? Is legal discussion outside class ass-kissing? Is lunch in a pseudo-mentor way ass-kissing? I don't know, but I am fairly certain I don't do it. And maybe now that I have shared it, it can go by the wayside. Right next to my stick figure of a reasonable person.


Lipstick said...

Hey Legal Diva! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Welcome to blog-land! I will add you to my roll.

I really like your post. Once I worked with a guy who said I was "fake" b/c I was nice to him. I was just trying to be professional and look for common ground. Sigh. Some ppl just don't get it.

Twisted Lisa said...

Oh yeah...I know his type, he just doesn't like it because you are prepared for class. (I'm guessing)
Which, I am many times NOT.